Thursday, March 31, 2011

March Madness.... ~ Scottsdale Child Photographer ~

Whew! March has been a whirlwind! Glad it is almost April. I love March, it is my favorite month and the month I got married in. The weather is beautiful in March and always busy for photo sessions since it is perfect for outdoor sessions. This year, I shot the Innovation 2011 conference in Las Vegas (usually it is local), had lots of great photo sessions, the kids had 2 weeks off school for spring break, we had one night family escape of fun to Tucson, one fabulous 10 year anniversary trip with my hubby, a major flood in our house has left my home office in shambles, and somewhere mixed in to the madness, I got some strange illness that had me at the doc 2 times. I am looking forward to our normal routines in April. I am happy my personal March Madness is winding down! I am so thankful for all the new families I have met this month for photo sessions and visiting with old ones. I am lucky to have so many fabulous clients with the cutest kids! I hoping to bombard the blog soon with lots of images of new babies, families, and kids as I try to catch up! I was lucky to catch up with an old friend who came for a session with his family and thankful for their patience in waiting to see these....
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