Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Big Sister ~ Gilbert Child Photographer

Big sister got a session of her own!  I am so glad we scheduled a special time just for her.  She was so happy to be outside to run and play.  Often at the newborn session the older siblings don't get enough time just for them.  She just turned two and is so smart!  I was quite impressed when she started speaking to me in full sentences! 

 Her red, white an blue outfit.  So fitting for a 4th of July baby!
 Finally, taking a peek at her new sister.  Soon enough they will be great friends!
Have a great day!

Baby Sister ~ Gilbert Newborn Photographer

 This sweet family is enjoying some serious PINK as they welcome another baby girl!  So cute and looks so much like her big sister when she was born.  See big sis as a newborn here:
big sis's newborn session
By the way, baby sis is a beach baby too!

Thanks for visiting!  I will be posting big sister's two year session soon!