Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Fast Friends

Little "A" jumped out of her car and sat on my lap like we were best friends. Did she remember me? Last time I saw her was when I photographed her at 6 months old. No, "A" is just such a friendly little toddler. She waved to any passers during our photo shoot. A group of retired tourists or as we call them, snow birds, got a kick out of her. I think they would have taken her along with them if mom and dad weren't right there. I just love it when I make fast friends at photo shoots!

Here is "A"

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Innovation '07

I've been busy busy busy. I spent 3 days photography the annual Best Practice conference for Intesource, an online procurement company. Check them out at their website:

Not quite as fun as photographing little babies but I did get to enjoy a fabulous spa treatment, a beautiful dinner, and fun casino night. Not to mention time with my hubby at a nice Resort!
Here are some pictures from the conference:

Friday, October 19, 2007

Hats! Hats! & Hats!

Remeber my post a while back of the cute baby in those fabulous hats???

Here she is again. Check out these hats and other baby items at Handmade Baby Gifts by Jenny.

Monday, October 15, 2007

What do you do on a photo session?

Many people have asked recently what I do on my photo sessions. Well, mostly play! You can think of your photo session as a play date.

Here is "H"... well behaved and sitting nicely with his parents. And when told to smile this is what we get....

Then we start playing and running around.
So now here is "H" full of energy. The facial expressions sure came out once we started running around and playing. Look what a great, natural smile in this one....


"K"... Lots more for you to see of him on your gallery coming soon!


Friday, October 12, 2007

Worth the Wait.

Little "B" was in need of a nap when I arrived so after a little snooze he was very expressive. This is just a regular part of my photo shoots with the little ones. Before they are on a predictable schedule you just never know!
We got a few sleeping shots but these photos were worth the wait....

Just look at the way he looks at his Mommy. These two have a special bond. He was interested in me and my camera but oh so in love with his mom. She is great and I look forward to our next photo shoot together.

Aren't they cute together?
She says she just loves being a mom and the pride shows in her eyes!

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Saturday, October 6, 2007

Couldn't Resist!

So, yesterday I was at a corporate photography job and of course I couldn't resist taking pictures of the marketing manager's precious baby!

Little "A" was just hanging out in her stroller calling me with those cute chubby cheeks!
And look how fabulous she looks in
Jenny's Handmade Baby Gifts hats....

OK, so she wasn't so sure about the texture of the grass. She would rather fly away! She was a trooper, but happier sitting up!

More info to come about these amazing hats by Jenny's Handmade Baby Gifts. Her site is brand new!!!

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Nanny's Birthday!

What a nice Nanny to spend her day with 2 of her grandchildren at the zoo. -- Or so she wants you to think. She really came for the cotton candy! OK, so did I! It is our favorite and now the boys are super in love with cotton candy! We had a blast. The boys loved the children's zoo with the tractors and petting zoo. Here is Jonah petting a goat. Very brave considering he got knocked down by a goat and bit by a turkey! And he still loves animals! What a trooper!

Why do you call him OO-HOO?

My dad thinks he is a talented musician with a beer bottle. He plays all kinds of songs by blowing into the bottle. Mostly it sounds like "oo-hoo". So when Nolan was a year old and couldn't say Grandpa... he decided what is more appropriate than naming him Oo-hoo! The name stuck and lucky Jonah does not have to make up a name, he just calls him Oo-hoo also!

Ok so now he is passing on his talent to Nolan...