Wednesday, July 1, 2009

The Moment that Changes Your Life

You try, and try again, and again. Then you wait and wait some more. Then all of a sudden the moment is here and she is born. Those precious moments you do not want to forget - the moment she takes her first breath, the moment you hear her first cry, the moment you see her face.
With my very first baby, who was born premature, I never heard his cry or saw him breath. When my next three children were born, the moment they cried and the moment I saw them breathing were the best moments of my life. This is why I was so excited to capture these moments for my friends at their little one's birth. This was my first birth photo session and I am so happy to have been a part of this little ones appearance into this world.

Here is her video..


Shereen said...

Absolutely beautiful! That's a great song, Carrie - who/what is it?

Shereen T

Anonymous said...

Amy asked if anyone wanted a good cry... I must say that I was warned! What an amazing video. Are you for hire??

Eryn Watson

Anonymous said...

Carrie, This is beautiful! Not that I would expect anything less :).

-Kelly D

Andrea said...


Your written words in combination with this beautiful video are absolutely amazing. You are one in a million!

Karen K. said...

Oh that is so precious, Carrie! What great work!